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Baja Trip

A Baja trip with whale watching, stunning scenery and birdlife

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album cover

Album Cover . A photo with potential for use as an album cover

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getting the shot

"getting the shot" the story behind and the techniques used to capture digital photography bureau's images

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bicycle girl

Bicycle Girl, the story of a portrait shoot in Baja California

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Sara Birthday 2015

Sara birthday 2015, a latin style party at Mango's Faliraki, Rhodes

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Latin and Ballroom Show

Latin and Ballroom Show by Aldorata dance team, Rhodes

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Latin Dance Digital Photography

Latin Dance Digital Photography, techniques and tips for photographing dance

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Jungle of Rhodes

Jungle of Rhodes is a fun packed excursion on the Greek Island of Rhodes

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2014 photo gallery

2014 photo gallery, A selection 12 photos from digital photography bureau from 2014

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Depth of field explained

Depth of field and the factors that affect it explained.

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Understand max sync speed

Understand max sync speed of your dslr

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Vela Baja Winter 2014 to 2015

Vela Baja Winter 2014 to 2015 slideshow recap

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Lee and Keeley Engagement

Lee and Keeley engagement photoshoot at Thorndon Country Patk

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Baja Wedding

Baja Wedding

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Baja Wedding Evening Party

Jules and Dennis Baja Wedding evening party and first dance

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