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Baja Trip

A slideshow movie of a week long trip around Baja California Sur in Feb 2016

Sara Birthday 2015

Once again, Sara celebrated her birthday with a Latin themed party at Mango's bar, Faliraki, Rhodes, Greece.

Latin and Ballroom Show

A spectacular Latin and Ballroom Show from the Aldorata Dance Team

Jungle of Rhodes

A fun excursion on the Greek Island of Rhodes

2014 Gallery

A collection of some of my favourite shots from 2014

Vela Baja Winter 2014 to 2015 Season Recap

A slideshow movie compilation from the Vela Baja Winter Season 2014 to 2015

Baja Sunrise

Some tips to get the most from spectacular Sunrises.

New Years Eve 2014

New years Eve 2014 Party at Smokeys in Los Barriles, Baja California Sur

Santa 2014

A gallery of photographs to Santa's Xmas day visit to the beach at Los Barriles

La Bailarina

Sarah's Latin themed birthday party at Mango's Bar, Faliraki, Rhodes.


How to photograph the perigee or Supermoon


The Vegas Showgirls performing their spectacular, glamorous and glitzy show.

Surf Rhodes

A gallery of images from Surfing on Rhodes in South Wind swell 4th June 2014

Mario Frangoulis - Live concert at Rhodes 2013

Getting the shot

A gallery of digital photography bureau's favourite images with the story behind each shot and the camera settings and techniques used to obtain them

digital photography bureau gallery  MOONRISE AT PLAYA DEL SOL

Vela Baja Slideshow from 2013 to 2014 winter season

A compilation of images from Vela Baja during the 2013 to 2014 winter season, tied together and presented as a single slideshow movie

Punta Colorada 16th March 2014

Situated on the East Cape area of the Baja California Peninsular and the Sea of Cortez , this Hotel Punta Colorada (currently closed) was originally famed as the "Rooster fish" capital of the world. Nowadays on especially strong wind days access is occasionally granted so the local Kiteboarders and Windsurfers can enjoy the unique conditions at this amazing location.

Baja surf trip

Three friends set off for a one day epic adventure, crossing the mountains of the Baja peninsular via a little used narrow road through the mountains. Taking time to stop and explore a remote Buddhist retreat, before continuing on to the Pacific surf spot of "Cerritos" and finally on to Todos Santos - home of the "Hotel California" of Eagles song fame

Mountain bike Baja

A gallery of shots from the spectacular mountain bike scene in Baja California Sur

2013 photo gallery

In 2013 the Digital Photography Bureau took just under 12000 photos which averages at around 1000/month.

The gallery below is a selection of just one photo from each month.

The photos do not necessarily represent the "best" twelve photos of the year, but are intended to demonstrate a wide range of photography techniques including portraiture, sports action, landscape,still life, use of off-camera speed light, low light and combining multiple exposures in post process.

Xmas on the beach in Baja

How Santa came to visit the kids (big and small :-) ) on the beach in Baja California on Xmas day 2013

20th November parade

20th November is an important date in the Mexican calendar. The date to celebrate the beginning of the struggle for independence.

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