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Nightclub photography tips

Fish-eye panorama

Digital wildlife photography

How to photograph lightning

"faux" macro digital photography

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Capturing Nature's Light 

digital bird photography

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digital photography techniques

There are many different facets of photography - from the everyday snapshot to professional studio product shots.

Each photography theme requires its own specialized set of digital photography techniques and equipment.

Listed below are links to pages covering specific photography themes - each has been produced with the assistance of an expert in a particular field of photography, willing to share some of the specific digital photography techniques suited their area of expertise.


Digital photography techniques - articles

Realistic HDR part 1 - Taking images for realistic HDR processing

This page explains when and how to shoot exposures suitable for merging to HDR

Realistic HDR part 2 - How to merge and develop realistic HDR images 

Nightclub photography tips

Photography at nightclubs and parties can be a tricky business. This article explains how to approach the subject.

Fish-eye panorama

A step by step tutorial on how to create a super wide angle "fish-eye" effect without using a specialist fish-eye lens.

Digital wildlife photography

Top South African wildlife photographer, Irvine Eidelman shares some top tips AND some of his stunning wildlife images captured on surfari.

cheetah cubs

how to photograph lightning

Learn how to capture striking (pun intented!) thunderstorm images such as the one above, taken in Rhodes, Greece.

"Faux" macro digital photography

An article explaining how to capture stunning close up images without using specialized (and expensive) macro equipment

moon photography tips

Moon photography tips and examples

full moon stand up paddle

Sunset silhouette photography

Sunset silhouette photography tips, advice and technique.

sunset silhouette photography

Capturing Nature's Light

Courtesy of Dade Dudgeon, and article describing how to use natural light in nature photography

digital bird photography

An article bringing all the tips, trick and advice to capture stunning bird images

Firework photography tips

firework photography post processing tips


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