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Published 6 times per year, "The Hook" magazine ( brings culture, art and community to the Lower Hudson Valley and is available both in printed and on-line format.

Each issue is themed to a particular topic with the theme for the May/June 2013 issue being "TRAVEL"

I was approached by contributing author Joanie Jamieson for images to support her article "Baja Wind" which was to be included in the travel issue.

Baja Wind - the Assignment brief

Winter paradise under the Baja sky

Joanie's article focussed on the town of Los Barriles situated on the east cape of the Baja peninsular about an hour and a half north of the better known resort of Cabo San Lucas.

Despite the close proximity to Cabo, the vibe in Los Barriles could not be farther from the hustle and bustle of the better known tourist destination. 

Whereas Cabo is famed for its high rolling casinos, bustling bars packed with spring - breakers and exclusive golf courses - Los Barriles has a different ingredient that draws visitors during the winter months - that of the famous strong "El Norte" Wind that provides the fuel for the adrenalin loving Wind Surf and Kite Boarders that flock there looking for action.

Joanie wanted a set of images to supplement the article showing the on- water action but also the laid back vibe and stunning scenery that complete the picture in Los Barriles

A windsurfer making the most of the "El Norte" wind

The approach to the assignment

With this assignment the approach was somewhat different in as much as I didn't set off to go out and capture suitable images to support the story - but rather sat down to search through my existing portfolio of images from in and around Los Barriles which I had accumulated during several winters visiting the town.

The message from this article then has to do with the importance of asset management of your photos

  1. The importance of making sure you protect your images by ensuring you have at least two back-up copies. One day your hard drive WILL CRASH and without backups you will lose all your valuable historic images.
  2. Organise your images. As a digital photographer it is quite likely that you will accumulate thousands if not tens of thousands of images. It is imperative you have a file management system (and software) to enable to to effortlessly find and sort the images you are looking for. (I primarily use Adobe Lightroom)
  3. Get into the habit of rating and Meta tagging your images when you first upload them from your camera. It is all to easy to overlook this important step in your work flow - but I assure you the time it will save you when looking for images or collections of images in the future will be well worth the effort.

A kiteboarder slashes a wave

Panoramic view from "Flat-top" mountain over the east cape at sunset

Well done to Joanie Jamieson for producing such an interesting article and to Janet. A. Wortendyke editor-in-chief of the Hook magazine (

Many thanks to both of you for using my images in the publication and giving exposure (sic) to my work

Los Barriles on a typically windy winter's day

Mexican kids commemorating the war of independence at the annual 20th Nov parade

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