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About Digital Photography Bureau

Hi, my name is Neil,

Welcome to Digital Photography Bureau.

I am probably very similar to you – someone enthusiastic about digital photography, who wants to improve his knowledge, skills and technique with the aim of improved end results.

There are many good ways to develop new skills - hard work, dedication, perseverence and repeated practice being the most paramount.

Nevertheless, taking guidance also plays a fundamental role and using the greater knowledge and experience of others can accelerate the learning process.

However, simply acquiring knowledge is not “learning” per se. And whilst having relevant information is better than not having it at all, a full CONCEPTUAL understanding is infinitely more useful.

In my own quest for a greater understanding of photography, I soon discovered countless resources for advice – many of which failed to explain the topic in a way I could instantly grasp or give me the depth of understanding I was looking for.

This site is my attempt to give you a “one- stop shop” for your information search.

I have attempted to provide

  • An alternative (but no less accurate) way of conveying digital photography information such that it will MAKE SENSE.
  • A logical structure for navigating the site, with each topic beginning with a summary of the key information you need to know, followed by a more detailed explanation – there to be used only if you need it.


This site does not pretend to take the place of personal tuition by a GOOD teacher. If your time, budget and location allows, there are many excellent photography courses and schools (including our very own PHOTOGRAPHY THEMED VACATIONS )

There are also many excellent books and DVD's available.

When the detailed explanation of a topic falls outside the scope of this site, I will offer a link to an alternative source that I believe provides the best and easiest to understand content.

Your feedback (positive AND negative), is always appreciated – and will form the basis for ongoing improvements to this site.

Please leave your feedback here

To view, comment upon, share or buy my photography,please visit

Digital photography terms listed and explained in clear simple language
Jargon Buster. Digital photography terms listed and explained in clear simple language
Digital Photography Basics
Digital photography basics, explained in clear easy to follow steps.
Digital photography lessons, the best tips to improve your skills
Digital photography lessons, the best approach to improve your skills
digital photography techniques in clear easy steps
The best digital photography techniques explained in easy to follow steps
Digital Camera Settings
How to optimise digital camera settings for best results
digital photography bureau gallery
digital photography bureau gallery of latest images and the story behind them
getting the shot
"getting the shot" the story behind and the techniques used to capture digital photography bureau's images
digital photography assignments
Digital photography assignments - the story behind digital photography bureau photographic assignments
neil howe photography portfolio site
digital photography blog
The digital photography blog keeps to updated with the latest hot tips and news from the website. Please subscribe here.
digital photography bureau sitemap
digital photography bureau sitemap
contact digital photography bureau
contact digital photography bureau

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